Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG)



Website (click on the website address below)

Akron Canton PC Users Group ACPCUG http://www.acpcug.org

Alamo PC Organization Alamo PC http://www.alamopc.org

Amador Computer User Group ACUG http://www.acug.net

Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey ACGNJ http://www.acgnj.org

Arizona Alliance of Computer Clubs AZacc http://www.azacc.org

Atlanta PC Users Group AtlPCUG http://www.atlpcug.org

Bellaggio Computer and Technology Club BCTC http://www.thebctc.com

Bentsen Grove Resort Computer Club BGRCC http://www.bgrcc.com

Big Bear Computer Club BBCC http://www.bigbearcc.org

Big Blue & Cousins: The Gr Victoria PC Users Ass’n BB&C http://www.bbc.org

Boca Raton Computer Society, Inc. BRCS http://www.brcs.org

Bowling Green Area Microcomputer UG BGAMUG http://www.bgamug.org

Bravard Users Group BUG CLUB http://bugclub.org

Brisbug PC User Group IncBRISBUG BRISBUG http://www.brisbug.asn.au

Bristol Village Computer Club BVCC http://www.bvres.org/

Brookdale Computer Users Group BCUG http://www.bcug.com

Business & Professional Micro. User Group BPMUG http://www.bpmug.org

Buttonwood Bay Bytes BBB http://sites.google.com/site/bbbytes/

Caddo-Bossier Windows User Group CBWUG http://www.cbwug.com

Cajun Clickers Computer Club CCCC http://www.clickers.org

Canton Alliance Massillon User Group CAMUG http://www.camug.com

Capital PC User Group, Inc. CPCUG http://www.cpcug.org

Central Florida Computer Society CFCS http://www.cfcs.org

Central Iowa Comp. User Group CIACUG http://www.ciacug.org

Central Maryland User Group CMUG http://myCMUG.org

Central New York PC User Group CNYPCUG http://www.cnypcug.org

Century Village Computer Club CVCC http://www.cvcomputerclub.com

Channel Islands PC Users Group CIPCUG http://www.cipcug.org

Charlotte County Computer Group CCCGC http://www.cccgc.net

Chesapeake PC Users Group ChPCUG http://www.chesapeakepcusersgroup.org

Chicago Computer Society CCS http://www.ccs.org

Claremont Seniors Computer Club CsCC http://www.cscclub.org/

CLECAT Club CLECAT http://www.olli.fullerton.edu

Colorado River Computer Club CRCC http://www.crccaz.com

Columbus Computer Society CCS http://www.ccscmh.org.

Community Computer Club of LaVerne CCCLV http://www.ccclv.us

Computer Booters of Sun Lakes CBSL http://www.computerbooters.org

Computer Club of Green Valley CCGV http://ccgv.apcug.org/

Computer Club of Ocean County CCOC http://ccoc.apcug.org/

Computer Club of Oklahoma City CCOKC http://www.ccokc.org

Computer Operators of Marysville & Port Huron COMP http://www.bwcomp.org

Computer User’s Group of Redding – New Name IBM/PCUGR http://cugr.apcug.org/

Computer Users of Erie CUE http://www.cuerie.com

Computer Users’ Group of Greeley CUGG http://www.cugg.org

Computers Are Easy Users Group CAEUG http://www.caeug.net

Computers Assisting People CAP http://www.capinc.org

CPUser Group CPUG http://cpusergroup.apcug.org

Crystal River Users Group CRUG http://www.crug.com

Danbury Area Computer Society DACS http://www.dacs.org

Dayton Microcomputer Assn. DMA http://www.dma.org

Dothan Computer & Technology UG DCTUG http://www.dctug.apcug.org

Durham PC Users Club DPCUC http://www.durhampc-usersclub.on.ca/

Florida Association of Computer User Groups FACUG http://www.facug.org

Fox Valley PC Association FVPCA http://www.fvpca.org

Fredericksburg PC Users Group FPCUG http://www.fpcug.org

Glendora Seniors Computer Club GSCC http://www.gscclub.org/

Grands Computer Club SCGCC http://www.grandcomputers.org

Golden Gate Computer Society GGCS http://www.ggcs.org/

Greater Cleveland PC Users Group GCPCUG http://www.gcpcug.org

Greater South BayPC Users Group GSBUG http://www.gsbug.apcug.org

Greater Tampa BayPC Users Group, Inc. GTBPCUG http://gtbpcug.org

Greenspring Computer Club GSCC http://www.gs.cc.net

Gwinnett Senior PC User Group GSRPCUG http://gsrlc.org/gsnpcug

Hartford User Group Exchange HUGE http://www.huge.org

Hendersonville Area Computer Soc. HACS http://www.hacs.org

Hilton Head Island Computer Club HHICC http://www.hhicc.org

Houston Area League of PC Users, Inc. HAL_PC http://www.hal-pc.org

Huntsville PC User Group HPCUG http://www.HPCUG.com

ICON PC User Group ICONPCUG http://www.iconpcug.org

Idaho Personal Computer User Group IPCUG http://idahopcug.apcug.org

Interactive Computer Owners Network ICON http://iconusersgroup.orgJersey Shore Computer Club JSCC http://jscc.apcug.org

Kennebec Valley Computer Society KVCS http://www.kvcs.org

Kentucky-Indiana PC User Group KIPCUG http://www.kipcug.com

Kern Indepenndent PC Users Group KIPUG http://www.kipug.org

Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle KEGS http://www.kegs.org

Laguna Woods Village PC Club LVWPCC http://www.thepcclub.org

Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts LCACE http://www.lcace.org

Lake Monticello Computer User Group LMCUG http://lmcug.apcug.org/

Lake Sumpter Computer Society LSCS http://www.lscs.us

Lancaster Area Computer Club LMUG/LACC http://www.laccpa.org

Lehigh Valley Computer Group – New Group LVCG http://www.lvcg.org

Let’s Compute Computer Club Let’s Comp http://www.scpd-computerclub.org

Licking County Computer Society LCCS http://www.lccsohio.org

Long Beach Computer Club LBIBMUG

Lorain County Computer Users Group LCCUG http://www.LCCUG.com

Los Angeles Computer Society LACS http://www.lacspc.org

Madison PC Users Group MOCUG http://www.mpcug.com

Melbourne PC Users Group Melb PC http://www.melbpc.org.au

Mid-Hudson Computer User Group MHCUG http://www.mhcug.org

Mid-Nebraska Users of Computers MUC http://www.mucgi.org

Midland Computer Club MCC http://mcc.apcug.org/

Mile High Computer Resource Organization (MICRO) MICRO http://www.micro-pc.org

Milwaukee Computer Society MCS http://mcs.wauknet.com

Milwaukee Home Users Group MHUG http://www.mhug.org

MOAA User Group The TUG http://www.the-tug.org

Monterey Bay Users Group – PC MBUG-PC http://www.mbug.org

Mountain Computer User Group MCUG http://www.mcug.org

NASAC Computer Users Group NASAC http://www.nasac.org

New Jersey Computer Club NJCC http://www.njcc.org

New Jersey PC User Group NJPCUG http://www.njpcug.org

New Orleans Personal Computer Club, Inc. NOPC http://www.nopc.org

New York Amateur Computer Club NYACC http://www.nyacc.org

North Orange County Computer Club NOCCC http://www.noccc.org

North Texas PC Users Group, Inc. NTPCUG http://www.ntpcug.org/

Northeast Ohio PC Club NEOPC http://www.neopc.org

Northeast Wisconsin PC User Group NEWPCUG http://www.newpcug.org/Northern Neck Computer Users Group NNCUG http://www.nncug.org

Northwest Arkansas Personal Computer User Group NWA-PCUG http://pcgroup.nwark.com

Northwest Florida Association of Computer User Groups NWFACUG http://www.nwfacug.org

Oak Ridge PC Users Group ORPCUG http://www.discoveret.org/orpcug/

Ocean Hills Computer Club OHCC http://www.oceanhillscomputerclub.net

OLLI Personal Computer User Group OPCUG http://www.olligmu.org/~opcug/

Olympia Microcomputer Users Group OMUG http://www.olymug.org

Orange County PC Users’ Group ORCOPUG http://www.orcopug.org

Pahrump Nevada Computer User Group PNCUG http://www.pahrumpnevadacug.com

Palmetto Personal Computer Club PPCC http://www.palmettopc.org/

Palmia Computer Club PCC www.palmia.org

Pasco Area Computer User Group PACUG No Website

Payson Area Computer Assoc. PACA http://www.pacaonline.apcug.org

PC Community PCC http://www.pcc.org

PC Rams Computer Club PC RAMS http://www.pcrams.org/

PC Users’ Group Inc. (ACT) PCUG http://www.pcug.org.au/pcug

PC Users’ Group of Jacksonville PCUGJ http://www.pcug-jax.org

Perth PC Users Group Inc PPCUG http://www.perthpcug.org.au

Philadelphia Area Computer Society PACS http://www.pacsnet.org

Phoenix PC Users Group PHX PCUG http://www.phoenixpcug.org

Pikes Peak Computer Application Society http://ppcompas.apcug.org/

Pine Mountain Lake Computer Users Group PMLCUG http://pmlcug.org

Pittsburgh Area Computer Club PACC http://pacc.apcug.org/

Plateau PC Users Group PPCUG http://www.PPCUGinc.com

Platina Computer Club PCC http://www.planina-boyntonbeach.com

Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society PATACS http://www.patacs.org

Potomac Green Computer Club PGCC No Website

Prescott Computer Society PCS http://www.prescottcomputersociety.org

Princeton PC Users Group PPCUG http://www.ppcug-nj.org

Quad Cities Computer Society QCS http://www.qcs.org

Rancho Bernardo Community Computer Club RBCCC http://rbccc.wikispaces.com/

Rochester Computer Society, Inc. RCSI http://www.rcsi.org

Rockland PC Users Group RPCUG http://www.rpcug.org

San Francisco PC Users Group SFPCUG http://www.sfpcug.org

San Jose IBM PC Club SJPC http://www.sjpc.org

Sandwich Computer Users Group SCUG http://www.scug.orgSanta Clarita Valley Computer Club SCVPCG http://www.scvpcg.org

SarasotaPersonal Computer User Group SPCUG http://www.spcug.org

Sarnia Computer Users Group SCUG http://www.scug.ca

Sauk Computer User Group SCUG http://saukcomputerusergroup.org

Seniors Computer Group SCG http://www.scgsd.org

SLO Bytes PC Users Group SLO Bytes http://www.slobytes.org

South Walton Computer & Technology Club SWCTC http://southwalton.apcug.org

SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization SEMCO http://www.semco.org

Southeastern Wisconsin Windows Users Group SEWWUG http://www.sewwug.org

Southern Tier Personal Computing Club STPCC No Website

Southwest International PC Club SWIPCC http://www.swipcc.org

Space Coast PC Users Group SCPCUG http://www.scpcug.com

Sterling Heights Computer Club SHCC http://www.sterlingheightscomputerclub.org

Sun City Anthem Computer Club SCACC http://www.myscacc.org

Sun City Grand Computer Club SCGCC http://www.grandcomputers.org

Sun Village Computer Club SVCC ?

Sun Lakes Comuter Club Sun Lakes CC http://www.computerclubatsunlakes.org

Sunland Village East Computer Club SVECC http://www.svecc.com

SYDNEY TRS-80 / MSDOS Users Group SYDTRUG http://sydtrug.org/

Tampa BayComputer Society TBCS http://www.tampa-bay.org

TampaPC Users Group TPCUG http://www.tpcug.org

TarrantCounty College Computer Users Group TCC-CUG http://www.tcccug.apcug.org

Tellico Village Computer Users Club TVCUC http://www.tvcuc.org/

Temecula Valley Computer User Group TVCUG http://www.tvcug.org/

The Computer Club, Inc FL Computer C http://www.scccomputerclub.org

The PC Users Group of Connecticut TPCUG-CT http://www.tpcug-ct.org

Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club TOPCC http://www.topcc.org

Topeka PC Users Club TPCUC http://www.topekapcusersclub.org

Trails End Computer Club TECC http://tecc.apcug.org

Tucson Computer Society TCS http://www.aztcs.org

TUGNET www.tugnet.org

Tulsa Computer Society TCS http://www.tcs.org

Tuscany BayComputer Club TBCC www.tuscanybay.org

Twin Cities PC Users Group TCPC http://www.tcpc.com

Under The Computer Hood User Group UCHUG http://www.uchug.org

Valencia Falls Computer & Technology Club VFCC http://www.ariesmart.com/vfcc/index.htmVernon PC Users Club VPC CLUB http://www.vpcuc.org/vpcuchome.htm


Westchester PC Users Group, Inc. WPCUG http://www.wpcug.org

Western New York Computer Society WNYCS http://www.wnycomsoc.org

Winnipeg PC User Group, Inc. WPCUG http://www.wpcug.ca

Wisconsin All-Computer Users Club apcugapcug http://www.wauc.info

Thanks to Patty Lowry, Secretary APCUG.

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